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At SixT4, we love to be creative! Our passion is in automation. We specialise in identifying inefficient systems. We then re-design them to be more efficient, easy to use and beautiful to work with!

We build everything from Websites, Apps and APIs to complete custom developed software solutions. We have private Cloud hosting based in Australia, so all our solutions are secure and super fast! Check out the load time of this site for example – no more waiting.

We are also CloudFlare partners, so we can offer you super secure, always online, web solutions.


Got a new concept for a website? Perfect! We can help you bring that design to life. Our team are experts at delivering solutions based on WordPress, Joomla, Expressions Engine and Shopify. We even hand code where required to ensure your site is perfect.

Got an existing site that needs a face lift? At SixT4, we love to re-design and re-brand – delivering your company the image it deserves to present. We can even provide professional photography services, along with Photoshop polishing to ensure all your images are unique and professional.


Ok, let’s get it out there, we’re nerds! We love to develop! When we develop, each line of code is a new opportunity for your business to get ahead of the competition. We love to invent solutions that fill and streamline a business need, that previously was left unmet.

When you decide to develop something unique, it’s important to find the right developer. The development process is a long term partnership and it’s important that you ‘click’ with your developer. We have a unique role within our team of ‘translator’. The Translator speaks English with you and geek with the Development team. We take the pain and frustration out of what can often been a process of ‘testing patience’.


Have you got a current application or website solution that does 90% of what you need, but missing the final 10%? Have you found yourself saying ‘I wish this program would do this function or do this differently’? With the rise of the web, generally, if you can dream it, we can build it. Most systems today have API integrations. We can leverage these to provide functionality that may otherwise be missing. This could be something as simple as a one-click Outlook plugin, through to a custom report to pull the data you need keep you ahead of the competition.


The team at SixT4 love a challenge. When we say create, we really mean it! We spend the time to document all your business processes and conduct interviews with key staff members so we can fully understand your business. From there, we can identify areas of inefficacy and create solutions to improve these problem areas. With a newly created solution implemented, your staff are freed up to focus on what they do best!


What good is all the time and effort you’ve just put into your website, if people cannot find it? SixT4 offers SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to all our clients. All of our packages are designed to build your visibility on the major search engines to ensure that when customers are searching products or services you provide, that you get found. 90% of people searching Google never search past the first page. Our SEO strategies work to give you a strong page ranking so you don’t miss out on potential new business.

Stunning Works in our portfolio


A site build on a custom content management system. Simple design, using full screen images to bring colour into the site. ‘Hotspot’ locations on the background image provide additional information for each of the products this client creates.

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Custom build by another provider, SixT4 migrated the site to our hosting platform. This site is running on SixT4’s premium managed web hosting. SixT4’s hosting also leverages the CloudFlare network, which routes traffic to the nearest data center.

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Not all of our work involves creation from the ground up. This site was originally running on an old version of Joomla. There was no clear upgrade path to the latest version. SixT4 rebuilt the entire site to match the original design, but on the latest version of Joomla.

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