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Located on the Sunshine Coast in beautiful Queensland, Australia, SixT4 offers unique, personalised outsourced CTO services. Instead of the traditional ‘fire fighter’ model of IT support delivery, our experienced team ensure your systems continue to run smoothly and leverage IT to improve your business processes.

We take the time to understand how your business runs to offer the tailored support you need. Our personalised approach to IT allows us to become a part of your business, instead of just being the helping hand you need to fix IT issues. As your outsourced CTO, we manage your technology needs, allowing you to focus on running the business.

Web Development

Our team have over 50 years of combined experience in building custom web applications. No matter your needs, we can build a website or application to suit. These applications are all hosted on our fully managed, secure, private Cloud.

Outsourced CTO

IT never stops, so why should your CTO? Most small to medium-sized businesses don’t need a full-time CTO. Outsourcing your CTO means we manage the technology, so you can continue to manage the business. No sick pay, holiday leave or super to worry about. Instead, you get a team of specialists committed to making sure your business technology is at its best.

Secure Fully Managed, Private Cloud

Ultimate management and reliability. Our fully managed Cloud services give us complete control of your infrastructure, eliminating the short comings of the Public Cloud, while maintaining all the benefits.

How We Work

We are part of your team. We take full responsibility of your IT environment and expect to be held to the same standards as your employees.


Our team have been helping many Sunshine Coast-based businesses for over 15 years. We are more than happy to provide references from our super satisfied clients!


We work hard to resolve issues before you even knew they existed. Our team continue to be proactive in our services to find solutions, ensuring your business operations run efficiently.


We partner with premium vendors to ensure our product delivery is always of the highest standard.


We take IT security seriously. We understand that you need rigorous prevention, detection and response mechanisms in place to protect your business’ reputation and continue to maintain business-as-usual operations.


We Are Here For You

We believe a holistic approach is the only way to provide effective IT support and systems. At SixT4, we work proactively to manage your technology, so you can focus your energy on managing the business. Once you have our team on board, we’ll ensure you see IT as an asset, not a pain point.


Gain an experienced team of professionals with a diverse range of skill sets to provide your business with a service tailored to suit your needs.

Our team learn about your current IT infastructure to make sure it develops with the growing demands of your business.

  • Diverse range of skill sets
  • Multi-national team
  • Years of experience
  • Work across a range of industries
  • Ensures your technology strategy aligns with your business’ goals
Secure, Private

At SixT4, we offer a secure, private Cloud service dedicated to your business.

A private cloud allows any business – even those in highly regulated industries – to reap the benefits of cloud computing without sacrificing security, control and customisation.

Our team create, deploy, configure and manage the cloud on your behalf, so you can trust that your data is safe, secure and can be accessed by you at any time.

  • Gain efficiency and control of your data
  • Offers customisation to suit your business’ requirements
  • Improves the level of data security
  • Provides sustainability for your business
  • Ensures regulatory compliance

Email, phone and hands-on, face-to-face support with rapid response times.

When our clients come to us, we generally see that their IT departments are being stretched to the limit trying to keep up with the demands of network and hardware maintenance while also being available to help employees in times of need.

Outsourcing your IT helpdesk services to us can help your business by allowing your IT department to focus on other more important processes in your business.

  • Allows you to refocus on the business’ core mission
  • Stop worrying about IT issues
  • Knowledge of industry experts
  • Increased employee flexibility
  • Access to more resources

Our team are experts at developing custom niche appplications and software with the latest technology to suit your business’ needs.

If you’re having trouble finding the right application or software to fit in with your business’ processes, we can work with you to create the perfect solution that works for your business – not against it.

  • Innovative solutions to solve unique business problems
  • Work together to achieve positive business outcomes
  • Deliver software that works side by side with your business
  • Grow your business with the right solution


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